UH, OH now for the smoke and mirrors!!!!!!!

How can MNB provide affordable web hosting, while at the same time providing Reliable, and Secure web site hosting? Damn good question. MNB relies on several factors, because one cost cutting factor is not enough to sustain long term viability. Kind of like the old adage, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

  • MNB relies heavily on virtualization. MNB's Technicians have been using virtualization to increase the customer experience, and maximize ROI for years.
  • Another key to MNB's business model is using a mixture of open source software, and closed source software. Not quite as challenging as you might think.

  • Customer satisfaction. Seriously its expensive to "find" customers. I'd rather have a reputation for delivering what i promise, in a timely manner, with the utmost in customer service. that way good customers will choose MNB.

  • By leveraging the best of each technology MNB is more agile, responsive, and cost effective than competitors. Why should you have to choose one technology, or the other thoughout your entire business? Just choose the right tool for the job. It works for me! Having a large number of tools at my disposal equates to me being able to quickly respond to customer's needs, with the assurance that the job will be completed correctly.

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    Awww damn i forgot the smoke and mirrors. oh, well.