On-site Service Contracts

MNB onsite contracts provide 2 major advantages over pay-as-you-go support services.

  • Provide a discount on labor charges, and all other services offered by MNB, yes all services.
  • MNB support contracts can help your business comply with federal HIPAA/SOXX/PCI compliance standards

  • If that wasn't enough here are a couple more features of onsite contracts.

    Get a discount on remote monitoring for your computers, and Catch small problems before they become large expensive headaches, this is the same philosophy that is employed throught the organization.

    All on-site contracts come with remote response included. This means that once a customer contacts MNB we will dispatch a technician at that moment to check via our remote support link. Remember that 80% of the time a computer issue can be dealt with remotely! If the technician can correct the issue remotely that will be the end of that problem right there! If the issue is unable to be resolved remotely, the technician will close the remote connection and head to your premises.

    Value added Services

    You can add any of MNB's value added services to your on-site service contract. Depending on your support contract level you could get up to a 50% discount.

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