Pre-Paid Remote Support

From Scheduled server updates to database administration . MNB's Pre-Paid remote support solutions have you covered. Purchasing remote support hours in blocks lowers the overall cost to You.

Do you have multiple locations? Remote contracts can span multiple customer locations, without any cost penalty.

Remote Support Services are for Everyone. They can be purchased by anyone, for anyone to use.

  • You may wish to purchase a 10 hour block of time, to distribute across multiple family computers. Great for parents with children in college.
  • One business can purchase support blocks, for another business. Great way to get non-profit business's the IT support they need, and you get a tax deduction!
  • Support Blocks make great Gifts for anyone, Grandma/Grandpa, busy soccer Mom, and the list goes on and, on.

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    9-am-------5pm MST

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