Both datacenters in use by MNB are monitored 24hrs a day by security personel, on-site and remotely via ip camera network.

    Physical Security

  • Datacenter secured with keycard entrance locks, and security personel.
  • All servers are locked in cages, inside secure datacenter.
  • Access to cages is controlled via keycard access, and fingerprint identification.
  • All servers/switches/routers are password protected
  • All servers are monitored by humans in the datacenter, and remotely via camera
  • Every data center employee undergoes thorough background security checks before they're hired. (note the s at then end of checks, its harder to get into the datacenters than it is to get through airport security.)
    • Digital Security

  • All communications with Control Panels on ALL servers are done securely over encrypted tunnels.
  • Access logs are kept for regulatory compliance.
  • All Servers are kept updated with the latest security patches. This sounds like it is should be a given, but most web hosts do not keep their servers as updated as they should.
  • All Commercial websites run on MNB servers MUST utilize at least 256-bit SSL encryption.(most competitors utilize either no SSL encryption or 128-bit)

  • We understand that your customers safety, is just as important as yours.

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