In the hosting world reliability has long been judged on a single factor, UPTIME. While i will not argue that uptime is important, there are other factors to reliability.

A Solid foundation

  • All MNB Production servers are housed in1 of 2 seperate world class datacenters they are backed up(at no extra charge), yes no matter wich datacenter MNB uses its backed up!. History has taught us(humans) that disasster is inevitable, be prepared.
  • Geographic Diversity

  • Each datacenter is a monster in it own right but together they provide a gegraphic diversity that cannot be overlooked. Internal backups are offloaded to each sister datacenter weekly(more can be scheduled for an additional fee.). Doing this insures that if one datacenter gets hit by a hurricane the other contains a copy of YOUR data backup.
  • Intelligent Administration

  • Whether you are utilizing a Linux Server or a Windows Server, only expert certified technicians will be touching it! No entry level technician will have access to your system. The IT industry is no different from any other profession, hire good help and get good results. That's why your here right?

    And yes once again. The data from each server is backed up daily. No hidden fees , just a simple reliable backup with every account.

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